Tony: Scott, are you able to look up my ranking? 34541 Sept 17, 2014 15:43:10 GMT
krupicka: Tony, you are rated MA1. Sept 17, 2014 17:21:29 GMT
Tony: Aight, thanks. Where am I, rating wise? Sept 17, 2014 17:30:39 GMT
pwb33434: What was the last event you played tone? Sept 17, 2014 23:25:14 GMT
Tony: Sanctioned? Shit, probably 2012 Homie. Sept 18, 2014 13:56:09 GMT
pwb33434: 934 and you shot well above your rating at Homie. Sept 18, 2014 17:56:01 GMT
Tony: Damn. Well, if there are enough uppers going that are better than me, I'll sit this out. Sept 19, 2014 13:57:28 GMT
Ryan: interested in getting a long sleeve club shirt can you bring some tuesday? Sept 29, 2014 5:21:12 GMT
Tony: Damn, just seeing this now. I have others asking for them too, I'll bring them out next week, fo sho. Sept 30, 2014 18:28:24 GMT
BBK: I LOVE Juan's avitar! just sayin Oct 3, 2014 17:11:05 GMT
BBK: and I don't see any way your sitting out Tony Oct 3, 2014 17:52:58 GMT
BBK: Should have 2015 tags ina couple weeks boys and I hear the chub challenge is next month. Feb 21, 2015 20:07:43 GMT
J. Lo: Not sure I want to play in crappy March conditions... Feb 26, 2015 22:15:50 GMT